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Hydroelectric Credit - Pamona Hydroelectric Power Plant | CTX UN CERs 7096



The Pamona 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant Project is a 195 MW run-of-river hydro project located on the Poso River in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Developed by PT Poso Energy, this project supplies zero-emission power to the West, South, and South-East Sulawesi grid, effectively displacing fossil fuel-fired power generation in the region.


Key Features:

  • Location: Poso River, Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia.
  • Standards: CTX UN CERs
  • Community Involvement: The project contributes to local social and economic development by creating employment opportunities during both construction and operation phases. Additionally, free electricity is provided to local communities, improving their standard of living and supporting small industries.
  • Impact: The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 608,090 tCO2 per year during the first crediting period. It also improves air quality by reducing reliance on fossil fuel power plants.


Link to CDM Registry


Your Purchase:

Your purchase of the Pamona 2 Hydroelectric Power Plant Project ensures that 1 metric ton of CO2 is neutralized through sustainable hydropower practices. These credits have already been retired under the Forevergreen Organization. Upon completing your purchase, you will be awarded a certificate of offset, detailing the specifics of the contribution made towards fighting climate change through your chosen project. You will also receive a personalized certificate from Forevergreen via email.


Embrace a greener future today with Forevergreen Hydroelectric Carbon Credits.