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Monthly Afforestation & Reforestation Credit - Eastern Colombia | BCR 261-14-001



The Project for Forestry Restoration in Productive and Biological Corridors in the Eastern Plains of Colombia aims to leverage the international carbon market to drive investments in new commercial forest plantations and the restoration of natural forests in the remote High Orinoco region of Colombia. By transforming land use from extensive cattle ranching to sustainable forest production systems, this project seeks to restore natural forest cover and create a landscape of biological and productive corridors, delivering financial, social, and environmental benefits to the region.


Key Features:

  • Location: High Orinoco region, Eastern Plains of Colombia.
  • Standards: CDM - AR-ACM0003 (Afforestation and reforestation of lands except wetlands).
  • Community Involvement: The project involves multiple stakeholders, including Organización La Primavera S.A., Bosques de la Orinoquía S.A., and other local organizations, contributing to social and economic development through job creation and sustainable land use practices.
  • Impact: The project is expected to reduce or remove 5,559,630 tCO2 over its quantification period from 2005 to 2065. It promotes environmental restoration, improves biodiversity, and supports local communities.


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Your Purchase:

Your purchase of the Forestry Restoration in Productive and Biological Corridors Project ensures that 1 metric ton of CO2 is neutralized through sustainable forestry practices on a monthly basis. These credits have already been retired under the Forevergreen Organization. Upon completing your purchase, you will be awarded a certificate of offset, detailing the specifics of the contribution made towards fighting climate change through your chosen project. You will also receive a personalized certificate from Forevergreen via email.


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